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Fuzzy mathematics

Fuzzy paper

Lecture notes for preparing main exam (sorry, only in German)


Webseite   1. Fuzzy optimization by Rommelfanger
  1.1 Introduction
  1.2 Less-Than-Or-Equal-Relation epsilon-less-than-or-equal
  1.3 Less-Than-Or-Equal-Relation S-less-than-or-equal

Webseite   2. Fuzzy optimization by Kacprzyk and Orlovski
  2.1 Introduction
  2.2 Less-Than-Or-Equal-Relation Z-less-than-or-equal

Webseite   3. Fuzzy optimization by Lai and Hwang
  3.1 Introduction
  3.2  Less-Than-Or-Equal-Relation V-less-than-or-equal

Webseite   Classical Decision Theory    by P. Kläs

Webseite   Notations and Definitions

Webseite   Bibliography

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Fuzzy mathematics
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