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The care that is required permanently later on by the site project, is written in the documentation about the structure of my sites. The position and contents of the frames are described as well as their size. Part of that is also laying down the names of the HTML documents. This includes used colors in hexadecimal code as well as their function, e.g. navigation, line, text.

The different branches and all people who are responsible for contents and programming Beyond that the documentation names soft- and hardware as well as the operating system. Apart from the Updates of the Personnel Pages there are other subjects which belongs to the update of the Intranet Site at the location of the company.

I have to pay attention to colleagues with no or little programming knowledge who must update the sites, too. Word documents, Excel- or PowerPoint files should be used where it is possible, because everyone can handle it. All in all the maintenance is to be supposed to be minimal.

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