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Structure and Programming

The programming consists of five stages, namely:

1. Analysis

  • What wants the personnel department to be presented?
  • Which contents are wanted by the single user?
  • How can the users contact the personnel department?

2. Draft

  • How many subjects / sites are required?
  • Are there subsites for the subjects?
  • How can demanded information be found quickly?
  • Which layout guarantees hich functionality?

3. Implementation

  • HTML / Frames
  • Java-Applets

4. Test

  • Does links lead to the right target?
    Periodical controls!
  • What does the site look like in different browsers / with other settings in the browser?

5. Optimization

  • Debugging
  • Independence of platform


According to this guideline I've designed and edited the Intranet Site. The sites are subordinated to the Intranet Site of the company. The homepage of the personnel department gives a quick view by images and slogans. We now have six subsites which extend the subjects of the homepage.

The layout of every page consists on five frames, three of them for navigation. There is a top line which guides to higher sites i.e. the homepage of the location of the company, the homepage of Siemens AG Germany etc. Underneath is the line with the primary navigation which leads across the sites of the personnel department. From the left side to the right the six subjects are putted in a row.

In the frame on the left is the list of contents of the single subsites. The fourth frame is intended for the particular contents. These sites are also supposed to give an overview of further information. From there links guide to external subject matters or matters which are filed in deeper subsites. The fifth frame consists of the bottom line which contains the copyright and the information about the last update.

Links into Intranet resp. Internet are integrated.

In this connection I avoid redundance and minimize the effort of updating as far as possible. Details about the updating can be looked up in the documentation. The user support is completed by a help guide with index, contact link, Sitemap of the department pages and search engine. More definit information in the sitemap.

The programming is realized in HTML with elements of Java. Within the sourcecode clear formatting should enable other programmers to get a quick understanding. For the same purpose there are comments inserted where it's necessary for comprehensibility.

List of Contents + Download    Project    Programme    Sitemap PA    Documentation    Adresses + Sources

Feel free to send me email: maria@oelinger.de

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