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Theory of Data Bases

Lecture for preparing for exam about Data Bases


Word 97   Chapter 1: Entity-Relationship-Modell
(sorry, only in German)

1.1 Entity sets and associations
1.2 Cardinality
1.3 Recursive associations and roles
1.4 Semantic data modelling
1.5 Transfer to files
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Webseite   Bibliography

Webseite   DBMS – Diagram

Webseite   Schedule  Preparing oneself for exams

Word 97   Chapter 2: Data Bases
(sorry, only in German)

2.1 From files to data bases
2.2 Introduction RDBS
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Word 97   Chapter 3: Relational Data Bases
(sorry, only in German)

3.1 Architecture and way of function
3.2 Relational data model
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Word 97   Chapter 4: Data Dependences and Integrity rules
(sorry, only in German)
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Word 97   Chapter 5: Development Stages of a Relational Data Base
(sorry, only in German)
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Word 97   Chapter 6: ER —> Logical Scheme
(sorry, only in German)
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Word 97   Chapter 7: Normal Forms
(sorry, only in German)
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Word 97   Chapter 8: External Views
(sorry, only in German)
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Word 97   Chapter 9: Class Diagram
(sorry, only in German)
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